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ISP Referral Service

We have created special arrangements with a local ISP to offer our clients premier web hosting services. This includes priority hosting on special servers which are dedicated exclusively for our client's use.

Please contact us by phone at (818) 986-7200 or by email at speaker@pacbell.net to find out about our latest offerings and related pricing.

Services Include

Domain Name Registration*

Fax capability

Secure Web Server Technologies Support for Microsoft Extensions
Support for multiple email accounts Unix and Windows NT servers
High Speed T1 and T3 access Responsive Technical Support
UPS Backup

Special Pricing Options including:

  • Sign up for 1 year and get 2 months free!

  • Refer 5 friends and get your site hosted for free!
    (limited time offer)

All sites require a $25.00 one time DNS setup fee and advance payment of hosting fees

* Domain name registration fee paid directly to Internic


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